Office Supplies

Free Charge:

Most of our customers have charge accounts that are due on the 10th of the next month.

Free Delivery:

Daily within a 60 mile radius excluding express deliveries. In emergencies we do everything possible to 'hotshot' the supplies to you.

Special Orders:

A larger quantity of in-stock, fast moving items from old favorites to new innovations at no extra charge through Supply Connection or Account Representative.

Quarterly Sale:

We send a flyer around the first of each quarter with special promotions for the quarter as well as extra large quantity buys on selected items. We will meet or beat any advertised specials by our competitors!

Email Blast:

Watch for very special pricing each month on commonly-used items around the first of each month. These are available to you through our fax program and not offered through other sales promotions.

Guaranteed Pricing:

Customers that use large quantities of an item but do not want to tie up their money or storage space. Prices are negotiated for one or several items are based on the quarterly or annual quantity.
  • You will automatically get that price on smaller quantities.
  • Guaranteed prices are handled by our computer.

Internet Orders:

You have your own password which enables you to check price and availability, check on past orders, see your order history and place orders. You can research which supplies your machines need and create a favorite's list. These orders become a priority and are automatically processed. It's faster and more accurate than phone orders and orders are usually delivered the following day.

To receive a Free sample with your internet order, just click on the coupon section.
Orders $100 or more type Free1 in the coupons section
Orders $200 or more type Free2 in the coupons section
Orders $300 or more type Free3 in the coupons section


We monitor the prices of the national chain stores and we meet or beat their prices every day.

Free Sample Friday:

Every Friday place an order of $75 or more and you will automatically receive a free sample from our vendors!